International Workshop on National implementation of the project plan, under the leadership of BF/M-Bayreuth (Germany)

An online event was organized in the international project “Partcertification in the Professional Field of Information Security” (TeBeISi), which aims to promote the acknowledgement and certification of qualifications and competences with reference to the European Qualifications Framework, also through non-formal and informal learning.

This online event of the Project was an international exchange that examined national implementation of project plan in partner countries.

The event was organized on March 12&16, 2021 and participated Simon Rath and Dagmar Kielner, from BF/M-Bayreuth (Germany); Karin Lackner from Hafelekar (Austria); Paolo Zamarella, Alberto Maistrello from Consulenza Direzionale di Paolo Zaramella (Italy); Aleksandra Cegiełka-Mendelbaum, WSBiNoZ (Poland) and Irena Zemaitaityte, Agata Katkoniene from Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania).

For more active work, the partners used the MURAL platform, which provides an opportunity to visualize the ideas under discussion. During the discussion, all partners relied on interviews with steering members, which provided a wealth of valuable information on the possibilities for certifying acquired non-formal and informal competences in the field of information security and personal data protection in partner countries.

The project team came into conclusions to complete the IQ2 documentation, reviewed the Learning Units material, and decided to organize the next on-line meeting in the middle of April. The project meeting passed in a friendly environment, all participants actively participated in the discussion, provided their suggestions.

Mapping the skills and competences on data protection and information security


The TeBeISi team conducted interviews with experts in the field of data protection and information security. This graphic is the result of what they had to say: Words and phrases appearing in the graphic are the most frequently given answers to the question about the skills and competences necessary for their work. The larger the font, the more often the answer was named!

Partners’ meeting in Hafelekar, St. Polten


  • 2nd Transnational Meeting in Hafelekar, St. Polten (Austria), 11th and 12th of Decembe, 2019.
  • Participants: Paul Schober (Hafelekar), Jörgen Eimecke (BF/M Bayreuth), Dagmar Kiener (c/o BFM Bayreuth), Simon Rath (BF/M Bayreuth), Paolo Zaramella (SCV), Alberto Maistrello (SCV), Aleksandra Cegiełka-Mendelbaum (WSBiNoZ)Irena Žemaitaitytė (MRU), Marius Kalinauskas (MRU), Agata Katkonienė (MRU).
  • Discussed topics: Aims and objectives, presentation of current project status, workshop on finalisation of the 1 st workpackadge, next activities and task divisions.




Partners’ meeting in MRU, Vilnius


  • 1st Transnational Meeting in Vilnius (Lithuania), 28th and 30th of May 2019
  • Participants: Jörgen Eimecke (BF/M Bayreuth), Simon Rath (BF/M Bayreuth), Dagmar Kiener (c/o BFM Bayreuth), Paolo Zaramella (SCV), Alberto Maistrello (SCV), Irena Žemaitaitytė (MRU), Paul Schober (Hafelekar), Agata Katkonienė (MRU), Asta Railienė (MRU), Marius Kalinauskas (MRU), Odeta Merfledaitė (MRU), Aleksandra Cegiełka-Mendelbaum (WSBiNoZ)

Discussed Topics: Presentation of Project Status; Presentation of Desk Research; Presentation of National Adaption Plan, first steps; Presentation of “TeBeISi_InterviewGuide_en” final version; Presentation of results from job profiles and interviews and discussion; Admin Corner; Results from expert interviews; Working Area; Summary and Wrap-Up; National Adaption Plan; IOs; Call with Dr. Sänn; To-Dos.

Kick-of meeting

  • 1st Transnational Meeting (Kick-Off) took place at Bayreuth (Germany), on 4th and 5th of October 2018.
  • Participants: Jörgen Eimecke (BF/M Bayreuth), David Bartela (BF/M Bayreuth), Friederike Sporer (BF/M Bayreuth), Dagmar Kiener (c/o BFM Bayreuth), Paolo Zaramella (SCV), Claudio Zancan (SCV), Ana Laura Benachio (SCV), Joanna Komorek (WSBiNoZ), Irena Žemaitaitytė (MRU), Paul Schober (Hafelekar) External: Jörg Jaenichen (Seven Principles, Key-Note-Speech), Alexander Bader (Self-Employee)
  • “Discussed Topics: Presentation of Project Status; Presentation of Desk Research; Presentation of National Adaption Plan, Presentation of “TeBeISi_InterviewGuide”; Presentation of results from job profiles and expert interviews; Admin Corner and Project Management”