TeBeISi – Partcertification in the Professional Field of Information Security


The project TeBeISi will contribute to promote the acknowledgement and certification of qualifications and competences with reference to the European Qualifications Framework also through non-formal and informal learning.

TeBeISi project focuses on the validation of learning outcomes from non-formal (independent educational providers with their own educational programmes) and informal learning (competences acquired freely at different learning locations without an educational organisational framework).

The following results of TeBeISi are being sought:

  • Development of a catalogue of requirements for the determination of information security competencies in a changed working environment.
  • Development of recommendations for action on the national establishment of competence determination
  • Development of an online personnel questionnaire for the identification of information security competencies (focus on social skills)
  • Further training modules for the training of specific sub-competencies under the consideration of social, technical components (keyword multipliers-competencies)
  • Strategy paper based on the new data protection regulations in the countries and the EU, glossary for users
  • Drawing up a research report ‘ Status quo information security training for SMEs ‘